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3d Printing Service Companies for Jewellery 2023

Alongside more conventional manufacturing techniques, 3D printing has long been a practical option. However, purchasing a professional 3D printer is an expensive investment, and becoming proficient with it can take some time. A 3D printing service provider online can enable you to cut costs and save time. It’s much cheaper to order a 3D print online rather than invest in an expensive 3D printer and learn how to use it.

Therefore, we identified the top 3D printing services to meet your needs if you don't want to deal with the complicated setup needed to have an in-house unit and prefer to leave it to the experts.

1. Sculptoris

Sculptoris innovation provides best 3D printing services for jewellery in India. It also offers a range of high-quality resins to produce superior-quality jewellery models. Their after-sales support and prompt services ensure their clients have the resources they need to succeed. Its DLP 3D printing services utilize the latest technology and machinery to create high-quality jewellery pieces with fine details and precise measurements. Their services are ideal for creating one-of-a-kind pieces of jewellery or for mass production of jewellery items. edge 3D printing technology and high-quality resins, clients can expect to reduce manual work and increase productivity while still producing stunning, high-quality jewellery models.

2. Sculpteo

One of the top companies offering 3D printing services is Sculpteo. It has a high-resolution printing service offering 75 different material combinations, including carbon fiber 3D printing services. It provides a wide range of materials and technologies to choose from, making it a solid choice for those looking to create prototypes or end-use parts. For those who require high-quality 3D printed parts, Sculpteo is the best option. E-commerce integration and direct 3D model uploads are additional Sculpteo services. This makes it simple to begin working on your 3D printing project. It also provides 3D printing services online where you can buy pre-designed prints.

3. SD3D

SD3D is a 3D printing service that offers quick printing times and various printing technologies to select from. It provides 3D-printed parts. Parts can be ordered in four levels of quality to meet the needs of every stage in the design process, from rough, low-resolution draughts to ultra-fine pieces with barely perceptible layer lines. For those who require quick 3D printing services, SD3D is perfect. In addition to 3D printing, it also offers cast urethane production capabilities and mass production options.

4. Xometry

Xometry is a 3D printing service that offers a wide variety of high-quality 3D printing technologies and materials. It makes use of cutting-edge additive manufacturing technology to produce functional components at a reasonable price from more than 60 different materials. This company provides on-demand manufacturing, from prototyping to production. It also offers a variety of flame-retardant polymers that are perfect for aviation and aerospace applications. Xometry is ideal for those who need 3D-printed parts that are of high quality and backed by a guarantee. Users of Xometry can also have parts CNC machined, wrought from sheet metal, or injection moulded in addition to 3D printing services. The business also offers materials for sale, laser cutting, waterjet cutting, CNC machining, injection moulding, and other services.

5. Makexyz

Makexyz 3D printing service operates little differently compared to others on this list. It connects users with CAD designers and 3D printers in hundreds of cities worldwide. This enable you to potentially get your parts as soon as possible. It provides many services, including CAD designers, 3D scanners, CNCs, and printing tools, and even provides discounts for academic institutions. PLA, ABS, nylon, TPU, and high-detail resin are among the materials used. For those who require 3D-printed parts right away, the on-demand service makexyz is perfect.

6. Hubs

Hubs are more than just an online 3D printing service. Hubs is your one-stop shop if you need to quickly order 3D prints on a large scale. On-demand manufacturing can get an instant quote from the website. Their system also allows you to confirm the manufacturability of your 3D file, ensuring that your final product is error-free. You won't have to stress about being stuck with subpar prints when you use Hubs. Hubs are ideal for those who need 3D-printed parts quickly and professionally.

7. 3D Printing Ally

The best 3D printing service for quick prototypes is 3D Printing Ally. It provides quick delivery, live engineering support, and same-day pricing. The following is a list of the most recent events that have occurred in the world of e-commerce. Your parts are produced using 3D printers that employ stereolithography (SLA), fused deposition modelling (FDM), and selective laser sintering (SLS). For those who require 3D printed parts right away and need assistance selecting the best materials and process, 3D Printing Ally is the best option.

8. Autotiv

Autotiv is the best 3D printing service that offers a wide variety of materials and technologies. It offers SLS, SLA, polyjet, FDM, DMLS, CNC machining, urethane casting, and injection molding services to meet all your 3D printing needs. Additionally, it offers low costs for non-expedited prototyping and manufacturing work, allowing you to obtain high-quality components for a much lower price. Autotiv is perfect for those who want to choose from a wide range of materials and technologies and who need 3D-printed parts quickly. Additionally, they offer project management, materials consulting, and file preparation and repair. Additionally, it offers low costs for non-expedited prototyping and manufacturing work, allowing you to obtain high-quality components for a much lower price.

9. Shapeways

Shapeways is most popular and largest 3D printing services in the world. Those who are interested in this new technology will find it easier to use Shapeways' 3D printing service. This service allows customers to individually customize their products. 3D-printed parts can be ordered in two different ways. Without visiting a new website, you can choose from among the 3D printable models offered on Shapeways' website and print it right away. Alternatively, you can upload your STL files and have 3D prints made of them in the colour and material of your choice. Shapeways is probably the most well-known 3D model printing service where you can order 3D printed parts online or use their custom 3D printing service. Shapeways provides best online 3D printing services in India. 

10. Craftcloud

Craftcloud is an online marketplace for 3D printing services offered by All3DP that links customers and professionals to a global network of 3D printing manufacturers and offers quotes in real time. The website allows you to upload your 3D file and get an immediate quote for a variety of materials. After that, Craftcloud will locate the ideal manufacturer for your product and arrange for delivery to you. You can find the best deal by comparing prices from more than a hundred suppliers when ordering 3D printing. 


We considered a range of variables, including print quality, turnaround time, cost, and materials, to identify the top 3D printing services. We also took into account whether the business provided any extra services, like design or engineering support. We only took into account businesses with a solid reputation and those who could 3D print in a variety of materials to reduce the size of our list. The companies were then ranked per our findings.




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