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Advantages of Buying CAM CAD Machine for Jewelry Business

Incorporating a traditional method of crafting jewelry can take time due to bulk orders and constantly changing customer requirements. In today's fast-changing environment, jewelry makers cannot make an excuse for not delivering the designs on time and need to update with the changing technology.


Industries such as automobile, engineering, architecture and many more sectors that involve designing a 3D model have adopted the technology. Over the last decade, there has been a significant rise in CAD/CAM technology in the jewelry industries. It is either outsourced or installed by the jewelry maker on their premises, depending upon their business scale.


However, we suggest the latter option, as CAM/CAD machines are available at the best prices in India.


Let's continue reading and explore the most common terms CAD and CAM machine for jewelry. 

What is a CAM and CAD machine for jewelry?

Computer Aided Design: 


The acronym stands for computer-aided design that helps us create 3D models that can be rotated and viewed from 360 degrees. 


It reduces complexity by combining multiple patterns and designs. A game changer in the industry that consists of various colours, patterns and textures and saves a lot on inventory costs.

Computer Aided Manufacturing:


The acronym stands for computer-aided manufacturing that comes into the picture after the design phase is completed using the CAD machine. The file is then sent to the CAD machine digitally to get the physical model of the design.



To sum up, the software manufactures a 3D object that can be physically presented to clients or customers who intend to see the prototype before the final product is made. 



The two services are often delivered to the client in a combined way to ensure accuracy and consistency, helping the manufacturer justify the services they have offered.


Let's not keep you waiting and dig deeper to learn what CAD/CAM machine is and its crucial role in the industry.


Get all your answers at a glance.


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Benefits that help you grow business with CAD and CAM 


1) Tap customers globally:


With the help of CAD/CAM software, you can reach customers globally and craft designs for them irrespective of him/her residing in any corner of the world. The software customizes designs, and allows customers to overview the blueprint before the final design is crafted, flexibility to ask for alterations if required in the dimensions. To get the best 3D printer for jewelry services, you can visit Sculptoris Innovation.


2) Cost-effective: 


Designing jewelry with the traditional method can be painstaking, demanding the time and cost of a jewelry marketer who employs one labour per design. The CAD/CAM machine provides flexibility allowing designers to change their patterns according to the latest trends or meet client requirements without spending a penny.


3) Elimination of visiting physical stores: 


The continuous change in trends and environment has made it difficult for every player in the industry to survive. As a result, marketers have started looking for opportunities and tapping them at the right time to save costs directly or indirectly. With the CAM/ CAD installed at your premises, you can indirectly save the cost of investing in a physical store.


Explore the CAM/CAD at best prices from Sculptoris Innovation and buy it.

4) Accurate design:


Jewelry design is the epitome of accuracy. Every design may seem simple but it requires crucial care and time at every stage. With CAD/CAM you can focus on the excat design requirements demanded by the clients without worrying about inaccuracies. This can only be possible if you install Sculptoris Innovation 3D printer for jewelry installed at your premises.


Reasons to buy CAD/CAM for your Business


Till now you might have thought to jot down the reasons to buy CAD/CAM for your business? Right? 


We have listed down few of them to that will enable you in production planning and help you achieve the following objectives such as:


1 Helps to identify production process problems: 


The CAM technology continuously identifies the production process and enables you to monitor, collect and record the data. It assists the users in detecting irregularities, avoiding defective products, and guiding them to take corrective actions.


2 Analyze product quality: 


With the help of sensors, cameras and other measurement devices, the software can collect data and inspect the quality of the product at each stage of production. It helps to reduce defects and ensures that the final product meets the required quality standard.


3 Collects and records data: 


CAM technology has an automated process that collects and records data on various process stages. Additionally, it helps analyze the data, trends, and patterns that can open doors full of opportunities for a jewelry marketer.


4 Controls the production:


It provides real-time feedback to manufacturers to control their functions. With the help of CAD software, jewelry marketers can monitor the status of machines and adjust the workflow to ensure that production runs smoothly and efficiently.


CAD VS CAM: What's the difference?


CAD - Computer Aided Design:


1.  It allows you to save, develop, and modify the design according to the client's requirements.



2. It creates a 2D or a 3D model digitally.



3. It has the flexibility to create any complex design and lets you view it from 360 degrees.


CAM - Computer Aided Manufacturing:


1. It handles machine tools used in the manufacturing of modules.



2. It creates a physical model for customers who want to overview it before the final print.



3. It implements automation in the method of manufacturing.




To sum up, CAD/CAM technology has revolutionized the jewelry industry as it provides companies with advantages such as flexibility, accuracy and cost effectiveness. 



Expanding your jewelry business opportunities is just a click away with one of India's leading jewelry marketer Sculptoris innovation. 



You can explore, create and transform your imaginative design into reality along with accuracy that has become easier with CAD/CAM installed at your premises.



To stay ahead in the competition, it has become essential to provide customized design to customers globally. Moreover, it also helps manufacturers to control the variations and improve the existing production process.



It strives to reflect your thought process to be reflected in the final design of the diamond.



The technology strives to ensure that your thought process is accurately reflected in the final piece of your design. 




What is CAD and CAM?


CAD stands for computer aided design that helps us to create 3D and 2D models.


CAM stands for Computer application manufacturing that prints the digital file into physical form.


From whom should I avail services of CAM?


To avail the best services for CAM you should definitely opt for Sculptoris innovation. It’s a fast emerging and dynamic company that strives to deliver the best quality CAM/ RPT services globally.



What are the advantages of CAD and CAM?


CAD/CAM installed in your business can tap consumers globally, allow you to make precise designs, save costs and design without any disperancies.



Which industries use CAD and CAM software?


The industries which majorly use this software are Aerospace, Architecture, Automotive, Jewelry and many others that need a prototype to be installed.


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