Sculptor-1X is DLP LED technology based 3D jewellery printing machine but with quality-backed features, which you will hardly find in any other machinery in the same category


Product Description:

Sculptor-1X is a DLP LED technology based 3D jewelry printing machine that is best for buying international level products for 3D casting molds. The best 3d printer in India is designed with excellent durability, ultra-high resolution, and a speed upto 1500 layer per hour. Its compact design, low maintenance, and user-friendly features make it ideal for investment. 

Get this DLP 3D printer with 3 years warranty from the best 3D printing service provider, Sculptoris innovation. Install it at your premises to get equal intensity in all areas and free services for its maintenance with us. 

If you're looking for a durable, high-performing 3D printer with a longer machine life, then Sculptor-1X is perfectly suited for your business.

Salient Features

• Ultra-high resolution

• Excellent durability

• More than 30000 hours life

• Consistently high productivity output

• Extremely fast speed of 1500 layers per hour

• Precisely and smoothly cast complex designs

• Low-Maintenance and user-friendly

• Unbeatable performance with longer machine life

• Premium quality 

• High detailing and usability convenience



Manufactured - Made in India


To know more, you can explore the user manual and technical specifications attached below. Impressed with our amazing Sculptor-1X 3D printer?

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Machine Specification
Platform Size 125 X 70.31 X 150 mm (X x Y x Z)
X & Y Resolution 65u
Z Resolution 20 to 75u
Pixel Size 0.057 mm
Speed 1500 Layer Per Hour
Light Engine Resolution 1920 X 1080
Machine Warranty 3 years
Software Upgradation Life Time
Open Source Consumables Yes
Installation Free
Transportation & Packaging Free
Transportation Insurance Our Responsibility
Training Free for 5 days
Operation System InBuilt Display
UV Curing Oven SI Oven Free
Tray 1 Free
Resin 500 ml Free
Accessories Free
Dimension 390 X 495 X 880 mm (W,L,H)
Weight 40kg
Input File STL & SLC


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