Tray for 3D Printer

Buy Online 3D Printer DLP Resin Tray

Easily compatible with any kind of 3D Printer, our DLP Resin Tray is one of the best and durable accessories for your 3D printers. Basically, our trays are designed to allow RPT/CAM services go easy and smooth. Unlike many other brands, our trays are long-lasting and will make your investment worth. Their lifespan is extended up to 6 months as a minimum. Moreover, one tray casts 500-600 platforms during its lifecycle. Our clients have faced no issue till 500 prints with a single tray which makes it trustable and qualitative for you too.

Since you have invested in the machinery, you should always opt for top-notch accessories instead of cheap ones. Our UV-Resin Tray gives you high-quality RPT/CAM prints.

Key Features of our UV-Resin Tray

  • Durable lasts for minimum 6 months
  • Helps you achieve high-quality RPT/CAM prints
  • 500-600 Platforms can be made with 1 Tray
  • Tray assures 500 hassle-free prints