Tray for 3D Printer

Why should you buy a 3D DLP Resin Tray?

Jewelry manufacturers along with other accessories should buy the DLP Resin tray because of its compatibility and long term investment value.

What is a DLP Resin tray?

It’s a component of a DLP (Digital light processing) 3D printer that holds the liquid resin during printing. 

Where can you buy a DLP Resin Tray?

Sculptor Innovation offers the most durable accessory for your 3D printer that enables the RPT/CAM services to be smooth, quickly and high quality. The trays are long lasting and make your business run efficiently. It can hold up to 3 kgs in non castable resin (GP) and 2 kgs in castable resin (DC). 

Some of the features that will make you buy a 3D printer tray are:

1) Easy to clean - 

The high quality castable resin trays are easy to clean after the printing process. They can easily be removed from the printer and cleaned with sponge, requiring very low maintenance.

2) UV resistant -

Resin trays are designed to withstand the UV light used in the printing process, ensuring consistent and reliable printing results. The quality of 3D printer tray for jewelry doesn't degrade within a short period of time and is considered as a long term investment.

3) Material -  

DLP resin trays are made of high quality material such as silicone and teflon that ensures the durablity and resistance to damage from the UV light used in the printing process.

4) Size - 

The size of the tray required for Resin depends on the size of the 3D jewelry printer. However, they are designed in such a way that they are flexible and large enough to accommodate the printing volume of the printer.

5) Non stick coating - 

For jewelry manufacturers who aim to have non stick coating on the bottom surface, we offer high quality resin services.


This feature of the tray ensures that the object can easily be removed once the printing is completed.

Overall, DLP resin trays are an essential component of a DLP 3D printer, and their top - notch quality features make them an excellent choice for jewelry manufacturers, dental laboratories, and other users who require precise and detailed printing results.