The above error may arise from the following reasons:- 1. When power supply is off. 2. When MOTOR USB is not properly connected. 3. After switching on the Machine, Motor USB eject by mistake. 4. When loose contact of motor USB cable with machine. To resolve this kind of problems, go through the following steps :- 1. First of all switch-off the machine switch and machine software. 2. Secondly, check all the USB connections whether are properly connected or not, if not then reconnect it or plug in it properly. 3. Lastly, restart the machine.
There are two ways to resolve such type of errors when occur are as under:- 1. Firstly, hold the start button and click P, then select the extend option. 2. Secondly, right click on Computer Desktop and select- "Intel Graphic Setting" & " Click on- " Display" & select- "Multiple Display" in which after selecting "Extended Desktop" save the profile.
It mainy depends on the machine usage. if it is Used For 8 to 10 Hours Daily, Then Calibration May be Requireed after 1 year.
It is Very Simple, You just have to Select the Saved Profile of the desired material. Also a Separate tray for different resin is advisable.
It is preferable to check the level before you start printing.
Every resin has its own specialty.some have better speed.some have better strength while some are a mixture of both. you can select the Resin as per your Requiremnet.
It dependen on the resin property. Usually it is not more than .01 mm. The shrinkage can also be controlled through our software.
Life of the tray depends on how you use it, The Tray can be use the best till 3 kgs in non casting resin (GP) and 2 kgs in casting resin (DC)
Easy 2-3 KGs. But again it depends on how well you maintain it.
On an average the Wastage ratio is castable 30% And noncastable 40%
All the 3D printers have their own advantages, but if you want a printer that has speed and accuracy then DLP with LED light -engine ( projector) is the best.
Both are DLP Machines, but LED has ahigh power light engine which makes printing faster. Also it is very consistent and has alonger life compared to LCD machines.
There are many advantages, but to name a few 1) DLPLED give much faster output compared to MJP.2) You can use both castable and non -castable material in the same machine. 3) The cost of output is less. 4) low maintenance cost. 5) Smoother finish ETC. 6) Low Machine cost.
Our machines can go upto 1800 layers per hour
a lot of it depends on the csting expert,but yes casting is possible till0.2mm
The price of the light -Engine depends on market value,it may vary as per market. current market price 3,50,000 INR ( May 2021)
Our tray is made of both silicon and FEP to Give better results and long life.
Material once cured cannot be reused
No. Not as of now ,but we are working on it.
There is a simple post printing process. you can use tools like buffs.
Moast of our machines have a 3 years warranty. it covers everything apart from the consumables ( Tray & Resin )
we provide a minimum 3 days training once the machine is installed.
A maintained temperature of 24 is apt for the machine and also for the resin. The room should not be humid.
isolators are a must for the machine. It controls earthing of the AC power supply in the machines and hence protects the machine.