SI INVERSE 4K Printer is based on DLP LED technology


Product Description:

SI Inverse 4K is a top-down 3D printer with DLP LED technology and exceptional durability. The tray-less design eliminates peeling issues and enables the use of wax-content material, resulting in superior casting quality. With a faster printing speed of up to 700 layers per hour, the SI Inverse 4K is perfect for bulk production, requiring less maintenance.


With no vat tray, it offers a better surface finish and accuracy, leading to a better printing experience for jewelry marketers. The combination of ultra high resolution, exceptional durability and low maintenance makes it a perfect choice for not only players in the jewelry industries but also other industry players who strive for precision and consistency.


One of the best 3D printers in India i.e - SI Inverse 4K offers a compact, user-friendly design that is easy to maintain. Its combination of advanced technology and innovative features delivers high-quality performance, making it a worthwhile investment for any manufacturing process.


Salient Features

  • Ultra high resolution exceptional durability.
  • User-friendly with lower maintenance
  • Eminently faster speed of  700 layers per hour 
  • Compact design, low - maintenance 
  • No vat tray
  • Less support
  • Better surface
  • No peeling
  • Bulk production


To know more, you can explore the user manual and technical specifications attached below. with our amazing SI Inverse 4K 3D printer for jewelry.

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Machine Specification
Platform Size 215 X 120.9 X 150 mm (X x Y x Z)
X & Y Resolution 55u
Z Resolution 20 to 75u
Pixel Size 0.055 mm
Speed 300 Layer Per Hour
Light Engine Resolution 3840 X 2160
Machine Warranty 3 years
Software Upgradation Lifetime
Open Source Consumables Yes
Installation Free
Transportation & Packaging Free
Transportation Insurance Free
Training Free for 5 days
Operation System InBuilt Display
UV Curing Oven SI Oven Free
Tray No Vat Tray
Resin -
Accessories Free
Dimension 450 X 775 X 900 mm (W,L,H)
Weight 100kg
Input File STL & SLC


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